Monday, October 31, 2011

Who should keep the ring, Kim or Kris??

In the news today is the reported filing of divorce by reality show icon Kim Kardashian from her husband (of all of TWO MONTHS), NBA player Kris Humphries.  

We could go a number of different directions with this one, but James Levinson Jewelry asks: 

What should happen to this 20.5 carat, $2 million engagement ring?

If you haven't seen the ring before, it's pretty amazing! A 16.5 carat emerald cut center stone with a 2 carat trapezoid on either side. Wow!

Normally, if the couple gets married and then divorced, the bride keeps the ring. That's etiquette. If the breakup happened before marriage, Kris would have the right to keep it. Now, we don't know the exact circumstances surrounding the alleged breakup, if there was a prenup, or who even actually paid for the ring etc. However, all things being equal, should that unwritten rule of Kim keeping the ring apply in this situation?  

For one, the marriage lasted two months...but we're sure Kris needs the rock more than Kim from a financial point of view. Even though Kris isn't exactly in the "Poor House" with his $3.2 million NBA salary from last year, Kim definitely seems to be the bread winner in that pairing. 

In addition, Kris may not get to put his hands on the OTHER "rock," aka the basketball, for a while because of the NBA labor mess.  

So, should normal divorce etiquette apply here? Who SHOULD keep the ring? 


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Doggone It!

At James Levinson Jewelry, we are always looking for great marriage proposal stories. If you have any please send them our way. Our first  is a video story...or mishap. Depends how you interpret it!

Monday, October 24, 2011

We have liftoff!

A historic moment for James Levinson, Inc! Not only have we launched a new jewelry website (, but we have officially expanded into Chicago! We now have offices in two of the greatest cities in the country, The Big Apple and The Windy City!

Oh, and we have a blog too! We hope you find it to be both informative and entertaining. We will post interesting articles, relevant information, hopefully some stories from our customers and keep you updated on what we're up to at JLI!

So we invite you to browse our website, "Like" our Facebook page (James Levinson Facebook Page) and follow us on Twitter (JLI Twitter Page)!

Welcome to James Levinson, Inc!