Monday, January 23, 2012

Client Proposal Stories - 2nd Edition

CLIENT PROPOSAL STORIES - 2nd Edition (Shawn and Molly)

Last week was a hectic week and the first time we've ever gone a full week without a blog post. We hope that doesn't happen again for the while and our apologies to the readers who inquired about the lack of posting.

We are proud to bring you the next installment of "Client Proposal Stories." Our first installment, Allison and Randy was our most read post since the JLI blog began in October...and the most read by a lot (almost 4x as many readers as the next highest entry). 

We'll see if this month's featured couple, Shawn and Molly can boost the readership even more. Thanks to both of them for providing content for this! Here is their story...

Molly and Shawn Sullivan

How they met:

Although never meeting, Molly and Shawn charted similar paths during their collegiate years. Both scholar-athletes at their respective institutions - Molly at Butler and Shawn at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) - their paths crossed a number of times at cross country competitions. In fact, Shawn's cousin, Erin, was a teammate of Molly's at Butler.

Shawn running for UIC

Molly and friend watching Butler in the Final Four

After Shawn graduated, he worked in the athletic department at his alma mater. At the same time, while she was completing her degree at Butler, Molly worked at the Horizon League office as an intern. The paths continued to cross sans encounter.

Although no records can confirm it, it is believed the now married couple officially met in 2003 or 2004 depending on the account. Shawn had moved into the front office of the Chicago Rush of the Arena Football League by then, but Molly was getting her start on a campus with UIC.

Over the course of the next couple of years encounters between the two continued in social settings. Ground broke on a solid friendship. Similar interests, backgrounds, running and tanning abilities (none whatsoever) provided the foundation for that friendship. 

In 2005, business was about to pick up between Molly and Shawn. Shawn agreed to return to the UIC athletic department to work in the marketing department, just a brief walk to Molly who was in the compliance office.

For a couple years, colleagues and family members accused Molly and Shawn of being more than friends. The platonic nature of their relationship was continuously under assault. Many predicted love down the road.

The prognosticators were correct. Starting in February of 2007, the stage was set for a quick and adventurous courtship, as Shawn was sure Molly was to be his bride.

The proposal 

Working through Adam Levinson, Shawn was encouraged by the Levinson's offers to examine rings. It didn't take long for Shawn to find the perfect engagement ring for Molly.

 A few days before Christmas, 2008, Shawn and Molly took a Friday off work to get some holiday shopping done. By this time, Shawn had possession of the ring, but one item the couple didn't possess was an angel to sit atop their Christmas tree.

Not the actual tree!

The night before the planned shopping excursion, Shawn placed the ring on top of the tree. The next morning, Shawn ran an errand to set up the proposal. He picked up some Starbucks and presented an angel he had picked out for the top of the tree. He requested that Molly secure the angel atop the fir tree adorned with tidings. She climbed to the peak with the assistance of a chair and saw the sparkles of the diamonds.

Shawn dropped to a knee and requested her hand in marriage. She said yes through tears of excitement.

The two were married on July 24, 2009 (after of course purchasing Molly's wedding band from the Levinsons). 

"I had a lot of anxiety entering the ring buying process," Shawn said. "Did I have enough money? What was a carat? What are my options? Having a friend like Adam and a guiding arm in Jim to help me navigate the process, put me at ease. To this day, we look at the jewelry and feel lucky for the experience and relationship with the Levinsons. I couldn't imagine working with anyone else for jewelry."

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

#Winning with Lego

Over the short history of this blog, we've highlighted some pretty impressive proposals, including ones from our own clients.

We have to give credit where credit is due though. There may be proposals better than the one below, but it's hard to believe that anyone could put as much time into a proposal than this person.

His name is Walt Thompson, an Atlanta-based photographer and filmmaker who put together this Lego proposal for his girlfriend, Nealey Dozier. Actually, saying "put together" is probably doing Walt a disservice. He spent 22 hours shooting the proposal in stop-motion. One can only guess how long it took to edit and complete. How much time do you think a man should put into a marriage proposal?

This one is pretty spectacular and she said yes...enjoy!

A Proposal in Stop Motion... in HD! from FIREPIT PICTURES on Vimeo.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

That's the only argument I need Shawn!!

Happy 2012 from James Levinson Jewelry! Our first entry of the new year centers on the world of sports (which is our other favorite subject here at James Levinson Jewelry). Both Lebron James and Michael Jordan got engaged over the last week. A present superstar and a past one in the same week! 

Lebron, who drops a lot of points on the court regularly, reportedly dropped around $250-300K on his fiance Savannah Brinson's pear shaped center diamond (pictured below)

A VERY nice ring! As for Michael Jordan, we have searched long and hard to find any pictures of his fiance Yvette Prieto's ring. Something tells us that since he's Michael Jordan, the ring has to be among the nicest engagement rings a pro athlete has ever purchased. We will anxiously await the first glimpse of lucky Yvette's ring. 

We certainly don't anticipate many arguments about whose ring is nicer, Savannah's or Yvette's, even if there are people who still argue about who is better on the court. 

Of course Lebron vs. Michael brings to mind this hilarious scene from the movie "Bad Teacher" with Jason Segel arguing about who is better with an elementary school aged boy named Shawn who obviously never saw Michael play (we don't know if Shawn is actually spelled that way but we're honoring our good friend Shawn for the purposes of this entry).

Is it safe to say, even without seeing Yvette's ring, that Michael Jordan wins the engagement ring argument no matter what? Is the fact that it was purchased by Michael the only argument one needs??