Friday, February 10, 2012

Better to be a European guy?

Another lag in the JLI blog which we apologize for. We are busy getting rings ready for clients, traveling around the country and Valentine's Day is just around the corner. 

Speaking of next weeks' holiday, our thanks goes out to Stephanie who made this amazing Valentine's Day brochure for James Levinson Jewelry. If anyone needs a good graphic designer, let us know and we'll forward you Stephanie's information. 


There is still time for a last minute gift...just contact Does anyone have any exciting V-Day plans? We'd definitely like to hear about them! 

This time of the year is popular for proposal's. We have known many people who wait to propose around this time. Of course this brings up the question about how much to spend on an engagement ring. We discovered this article today from a British newspaper. We were drawn to the headline about "Three week's salary instead of one month's." 

We were always under the impression in the US that three month's salary was "the norm." Of course the norm is not really three month's salary, it's whatever an individual feels comfortable spending. 

However, how did it go from one month in England to three month's in the US (we're assuming the England rule came first)? How did the three month's first start in the US and how did the one month first begin overseas? 

Furthermore, through all the economic downturn we've experienced, there was no public proclamation that if you're a guy and want to get engaged, it was acceptable to spend less. Maybe it was out there at some point, but we didn't see or notice it. Was it just implied?

We find it funny that there is a discrepancy between continents and countries on this so called "rule." What are your thoughts?

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