Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Client Proposal Stories - 1st Edition


We are proud to announce a new feature on the James Levinson Jewelry Blog that called "Client Proposal Stories."

At least once each month we will feature one couple and share their proposal story. We've found each couple has a unique proposal story and each is worthy of sharing. Since we already share video proposals and other stories, we wanted to add a personal touch to the blog by showcasing our own clients and their stories. We hope you enjoy the series!

This month's featured couple is Randy and Alison who were married this past fall. Here is their story...

How they met:

As members of the CrossFit Chicago (CFC) community, it was inevitable that Alison and Randy would cross paths. The CFC community is a close knit group that is guilty of “monitoring” each other’s performance posts and Facebook pages. These two people were no different. Randy and Alison were well acquainted with each other even before meeting formally for the 1st time at the CFC bowling social on March 7, 2009. Their social personalities and mutual admiration for each other’s CF results created an immediate bond that quickly developed into a budding friendship. As Ranison spent more time in and out of the “box” their relationship blossomed and they were dating by April 2009. Since then they both will tell you they have never been happier!

The Proposal

On October 28th, 2010, Alison came home to four bouquets of flowers sitting on the dining room table with a framed note saying "The last 4 days have been stressful (including, in part, the events that occurred with their dog's surgery - day of and post-op) ... I wanted to find four ways to make you smile."

The note also stated that she should NOT move the flowers off the table or attempt to put them in a vase. Alison immediately texted Randy and asked why she couldn't move the flowers as they 'are going to die.' Randy stated to just listen to him for once! Alison waited almost six hours until Randy got home from work to find out why she couldn't move the flowers!
The note Randy left

When Randy finally got home he explained each flower is different and is in a specific order. He took out a sheet of paper and began to read the names of each flower ... wild flower, iris, lilly, lisianthus ... and so on.
Alison thought 'What the hell is going on and why does he know the names of these flowers. He is being WEIRD!' After Randy explained the flowers Alison looked at Randy and said "Cool babe ... thanks?!"
Randy then explained he wanted to do something nice given the recent events in their lives and it being the same day they celebrate their yearly anniversary.
He proceeded to thank her for taking a leap of faith (Alison took a big risk moving in with Randy given her past experiences). She needed to know moving in with Randy was not a means to an end.
Randy told Alison while the future is uncertain he can promise they will continue to take steps forward in their relationship. Moving in, getting a puppy, being by her side as she graduated...and their parents meeting each other were all examples of the promise he made.
Randy said he and Alison 'are like the flowers.' They started as individuals ... much like each flower in the bouquets. "When you us together, just like the flowers ... they just work. They fit. They're perfect. THEY JUST MAKE SENSE when they are TOGETHER."
Randy handed the sheet of paper with the list of flowers to Alison and repeated, "US together make sense - just like the flowers make sense when they are put TOGETHER."
W ild flower
I sis
L illy
L isianthus

Y ellow football mum
O ncidium orchid
U perum (blUperum)

M onte casino
A lstromeria
R ose
R ed hypericum
Y ellow solidago

M illet
E cheveria
The names of Flowers

Alison took the sheet of paper and went speechless after reading the list of flowers.
Randy immediately dropped to his knee and said "Yes this is happening. I got tired of waiting for you and decided I needed to do this myself. You made it OBVIOUSLY clear you would NEVER propose to me!"
"Alison ... W.I.L.L. Y.O.U. M.A.R.R.Y. M.E.?"

Ring from James Levinson Jewelry

She said yes...
Married November, 2011
Here is their testimonial on our website.