Tuesday, January 3, 2012

That's the only argument I need Shawn!!

Happy 2012 from James Levinson Jewelry! Our first entry of the new year centers on the world of sports (which is our other favorite subject here at James Levinson Jewelry). Both Lebron James and Michael Jordan got engaged over the last week. A present superstar and a past one in the same week! 

Lebron, who drops a lot of points on the court regularly, reportedly dropped around $250-300K on his fiance Savannah Brinson's pear shaped center diamond (pictured below)

A VERY nice ring! As for Michael Jordan, we have searched long and hard to find any pictures of his fiance Yvette Prieto's ring. Something tells us that since he's Michael Jordan, the ring has to be among the nicest engagement rings a pro athlete has ever purchased. We will anxiously await the first glimpse of lucky Yvette's ring. 

We certainly don't anticipate many arguments about whose ring is nicer, Savannah's or Yvette's, even if there are people who still argue about who is better on the court. 

Of course Lebron vs. Michael brings to mind this hilarious scene from the movie "Bad Teacher" with Jason Segel arguing about who is better with an elementary school aged boy named Shawn who obviously never saw Michael play (we don't know if Shawn is actually spelled that way but we're honoring our good friend Shawn for the purposes of this entry).

Is it safe to say, even without seeing Yvette's ring, that Michael Jordan wins the engagement ring argument no matter what? Is the fact that it was purchased by Michael the only argument one needs??

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