Friday, December 23, 2011

First Class Proposal

A month ago we featured this proposal in the sky. Since many of you are likely traveling this week for the holidays, we felt the need to share another proposal at 30,000 feet.

We think the Air Canada one below trumps the Delta one from last month because:

-They had better seats...they were in the first row. Can't tell if it was first class or not, but it's definitely better than the Delta couple had
-Flying her family in to greet them at the airport...classy move
-Photography: Nice job by the camera person. Not sure how this man arranged for that to happen, but it seemed better than amateur. In addition, there seems to be ample pictures of the family's reaction in the airport, plus they got the necessary shot of the couple with the flight crew on Air Canada.
-We didn't get a good look at the ring, but she seems to be just fine with it!

In our estimation, this was a "first class" proposal all the way...pun intended!

Happy Holidays from James Levinson Jewelry!!

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