Thursday, December 8, 2011

Would you marry Lady Gaga?

Having a hard time understanding this article about Lady Gaga rejecting marriage proposals. That's marriage proposals, plural! Our thoughts are simple:

-Why are there MULTIPLE men lining up for Lady Gaga's hand in marriage? We don't know her personally, but based off of the interviews we've seen and the way she's acted in public, Lady Gaga doesn't exactly seem like the "settling down" and getting married type.
-If you're a guy is Lady Gaga A) Really that hot and B) worth all the baggage/nonsense that goes along with being married to her.
-What does Lady Gaga bring to a marriage other than money and dresses made out of meat? She's pretty talented but there is way too much else going on with her. 
-If you're married to her do you refer to her as "Gaga" or "Lady Gaga?"
-Let's be honest, does a Lady Gaga marriage last long than Kardashian's 72 day sham of a marriage?

What would be a good reason to marry Lady Gaga?

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